Saturday, 19 July 2008

Woot darlings!

We've finally found time to do a little revamp admist our busy schedules, and are currently discussing about membership and loyalty plans =) *hint! buy more!*

A little about ourselves.

Cloverleaves and Calsie have been friends since 1992(hooray to 16 years of friendship!), and concocted the idea of Papayamilkshop on one of their numberous shopping trips.

Cloverleaves is the shop's fashion girl. She's currently working in the banking sector at a bank along Shenton Way. She's a crazy fan of mahjong but otherwise spends what's left of her freetime watching videos online (a female otaku!). She also speaks basic Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia and is currently learning Korean.

Calsie is the brains behind the design of the shop. She's a final year undergraduate at the National University of Singapore (the Yong Loo Lin School), and is embarking on her student internship programme in 2 weeks' time! She has been lamenting the heavy workload since returning from her trip up the Himalayas (which was a long overdued break). Most weekends are spent catching up on sleep.

Alright, gotta go work on some plans for the loyal babes. We'll see you over at the Papayamilkshop soon!


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